Aliver Dry Shampoo Powder

$12.99 USD

SKU: AliverFB33540

1. Best Choice for Your Hair: Are you in a hurry for a date and don't have time to wash your hair? Feeling your hair is limp and not voluminous enough? Our dry shampoo powder is your must-have, which will give you soft and fresh hair instantly!

2.Core Ingredients: Our dry hair shampoo powder is made of safe, all-natural ingredients. Natural Corn Starch - an effective anti-binder; Rose Flower Extract - gentle and skin-friendly, regulates scalp oil; Silk Powder - rich in amino acids, excellent for hair repair and nourishment. It is free of benzene, parabens, and gluten and is not tested on animals. It is non-irritating and gentle to the hair.

3.Fresh Hair Smell: Our dry hair powder is made of ultra-fine powder that quickly absorbs excess oil from the scalp and hair, instantly refreshes hair, and removes odor from the scalp, while leaving hair smelling fresh and fragrant. It does not leave any residue or white marks.

4. Small Size & Big Use: This portable travel-size dry shampoo powder can be easily packed in your travel bag or toiletry bag, never worry about your hair getting oily wherever you are, especially when you are out of town or in an impromptu meeting/appointment, and have no time to wash hair. Just a small amount, will make your scalp feel clean and refreshed!

5. Convenient to Use: Remove the cover and shake the bottle to release the powder. Gently pat your desired area and rub your hair until it becomes voluminous. No matter what colour your hair is, what hairstyle you have, and how long your hair is, this dry hair powder is suitable for you. (Note: For the first use, please remove the transparent cap in the middle of the bottle, or the powder can not be released)

How To Use:

1. To ensure proper usage, ensure it is completely dry before proceeding.

2. Tap the powder on areas of your hair that need it, with a focus on the roots

3. Use your fingertips to massage the powder into your scalp until the oil is absorbed

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