When founder Alive was a little girl,she was intrigued by her mother’s beauty secret-always be luminous and elegant. “There must be magic in mom’s Pandora beauty bag,”she wondered. The first time she did her makeup, Alive never stop pursuing beauty. Finding pleasure in lingering around beauty shops, she is getting her unique glow.

One time, Alive was too busy to make a manicure appointment with a nail salon. It occurred to her,”can I do that at home?” Sure! That’s where ALIVER started. She launched the first nail salon collection in 2016 so that people can do a manicure as well as hand care without leaving home.

2017 was the turning point for ALIVER, as she met her husband. Experiencing a long time waiting at the beauty salons and the tedious processes,“how about moving all those beauty salons at home?” he suggested. This inspired her to expand the range to include the whole salon series from top to toe. Hair Care, Skin Care, Body Care, Makeup collection successively created after Nails Care. “Beauty is not a chore, it can be available from the comfort of our own couch.”


After years of experimenting with professional salon service, we know what means a lot to you.

Everything we do is to support and encourage people along the journey of self-discovery. We innovate to inspire a brand new kind of care and express your unique beauty.

Every inch of your body matters, our philosophy is to turn chaos into simple fun: with naturally-active ingredients and transform those into potent formulas.


The Future

Continuously driving innovation, ALIVER reinvents the Home Salon system with professionality. We are gradually perfecting the makeup collection, meanwhile, we are ambitious to grow more series for specific people and launch product lines for different skin types sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, and combination skin. We are ready to set out to make history.

Be alive, being ALIVER.

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