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Aliver 2-in-1 Colour Changing Full Coverage Foundation Stick

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SKU: AliverFB30023(X2)

Aliver Color-changing concealer has a light texture and excellent covering power. It can completely cover dark circles, fine lines, acne marks, red blood streaks, large pores and other blemishes, improve dull areas,and make your skin bright ,delicate, smooth, transparent


1. Concealer can quickly cover the skin, and use natural ingredients to provide you with clear skin, while providing you with the healthy, bright and radiant complexion you deserve, without wrinkles, cracks or wrinkles.

2. Concealer contains niacinamide, hydrolyzed collagen zinc, glycerin and other nutritional essence. These ingredients help reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and spots. It can provide skin care effects in makeup products. Reduce makeup damage to facial skin

3. Our concealer is waterproof and sweatproof, so you don't have to worry about taking it off. You can say goodbye to touch-ups all day and let your perfect makeup last all day

4. The concealer comes with a soft brush, which can easily cover blemishes, save makeup time, make exquisite makeup, one-click hiding, and easy to carry

5. Suitable for all skins: Color changing concealer is a new type of concealer, which can be automatically adjusted to suit your skin tone in real time. Suitable for most skin tones

Main ingredients:

Malate, Glycerin, Octyl,Deca Glycol, Polyethylene,Ci7749, Mica, Hydrolyzed, Collagen Zinc, Nicotinamide, Vinyl


Rotate out the concealer pen, apply it to the area to be retouched and then use a brush to brush evenly.


1 x Concealer Sticker

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