Most people long for flawless and healthier fabulous skin, then often opt for skin products and good skin care routines. Well, all these are ways to achieve good skin but did you know that whatever we feed our body directly affects our skin? We might not realize it, but the skin is affected by the food we eat and our diet. 

If you want healthier fabulous skin, you are on the right page. This article will point out some of the best food for healthier fantastic skin and how these foods offer the skin the best nourishment. Ready? Let's get start!

7 best foods for healthier fabulous skin


Fish is good for your skin; adding fish to your regular diet guarantees healthier fabulous skin. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that help to nourish the skin by regulating the skin's oil production, improving the skin's balanced hydration, suppressing breakouts, and minimizing the signs of aging leading to wrinkles formation


If you are looking for the best food to keep your skin healthier and younger, you can not miss some walnuts in your diet. Walnut is another source of fatty acids; the body can not produce these fats on its own, so the nutrient in walnut is essential in keeping you looking younger.

Sweet potatoes

Once ingested, your body converts the beta-carotin in the sweet potatoes into an active form of vitamin A(retinal). Vitamin A aids in skin cell production since vitamin A is used for cell production and growth; having sweet potatoes in your regular diet will leave your skin looking younger and fabulous. Also, vitamin A from sweet potatoes protects the skin from sunburns, dryness, and wrinkles.


Maybe a little vegetable is perfect for your skin, so why not try regular broccoli in your diet? Broccoli contains Vitamins A, C, and Lutein; just like beta carotene, Lutein helps to protect your skin from oxidative damage. Oxidative damage causes your skin to become dry and wrinkled.

Sunflower seeds 

Do you want your skin to stay moisturized all the time? Here is a tip for you; sunflower seeds work like magic. Seeds and nuts are suitable for your skin because they are natural moisturizers. Sunflower seeds keep your skin hydrated from within, soft, and supple with a nourished outlook.


Who doesn't love good guacamole or avocado spread on toast? Besides being delicious, avocados are known as super fruit since they contain all the nutrients you need for healthier skin. Avocados are rich in healthy fats and contain vitamins E and C that are just for your skin's nourishment. 


You crave firmer skin; look no more because tomatoes do the magic. Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C that helps boost your immune system and, therefore, can improve your skin elasticity. Adding tomatoes to your diet will guarantee you healthier fabulous skin.

The bottom line

We cannot discard the fact that; achieving healthier fabulous skin largely depends on what we eat. Foods rich in vitamins and fatty acids are generally suitable for skin nourishment. Why don't you try it and see how well these foods work to improve your skin? 

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