Aphrodisiac Bomb Pheromone Perfume Gift Set, Elegance, Extra Strength Human Pheromone Formula 0.2 Fl. Oz

$5.99 USD


A blend of natural oils that assist in attracting through the sense of smell

This is no ordinary perfume. This is pheromone infused, making it the best perfume that attracts, entices connection and boosts confidence.

The scent itself features a natural sweetness. To some, the pheromone perfume for women smells of cocoa and vanilla. To others, it provokes the scent of fresh soap.

Our natural women’s perfume scent is as unique as each woman herself.

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Alcohol Free, Paraben Free, Chemical Free

Most perfumes have chemicals and unnatural acids that long-term dry out and irritate the skin. That’s why we use ingredients that truly work AND don’t have negative side effects:


  • Silk-Based Natural formula
  • Blend of natural oils
  • Natural human grade pheromones


Even expensive department store & designer options tend to have synthetics that sneakily disrupt skin. With "For Her" by RawChemistry Womens Pheromone Perfume you can have long-lasting results without any irritation.

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