Aliver Chirstmas Nail Box

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Buy 1 Bodycare Box decorate your whole winter!

【A Good Deal】You can get $87.92 worth of merchandise for just $55.99.

 Aliver Eco-Friendly Magic Nail Polish Remover: Certified vegan and cruelty-free, breaking down the gel polish surface instantly

Aliver Cuticle Oil Nail Repair:  Give your cuticles some much-needed love and care, which deeply penetrates your skin with moisture, working to prevent peeling, while healing damaged, cracked nails and hands

Aliver Nail Polish Barrier Protector: Low ammonia odor, but can't feel the odor during use, be durable enough to work with sponging and marbling nail art

Aliver Gel Nail Brush: Professional poly extension gel brush with seven different tip shapes(#2,4,6,8,10,12,14), you will always have the appropriate nail art brush to build and decorate your nails more efficiently than ever before.

Aliver Nail File and Buffer: These manicure files work quickly to trim or shape the acrylic nail with your desired shape or length also perfect to remove nail gel in your extended or fake nails, buffering your nails in a smooth finish.

Aliver Base coat Top coat UV/LED Nail Gel Kit: Gel Nail Polish Base and Top Coat can make your gel last for over 28 days with a proper application due to its wear resistant feature

Aliver Gel Nail Polish Set: You should have the Art skills, the time or the desire to do the nail polish or art. Don't run. Your dream nail looks Will be turned into reality by us.

Package Inclued:
2* Aliver Eco-Friendly Magic Nail Polish Remover
1* Aliver Cuticle Oil Nail Repair/Aliver Nail Polish Barrier Protector/Aliver Gel Nail Brush/Aliver Nail File and Buffer/Aliver Base coat Top coat UV/LED Nail Gel Kit/Aliver Gel Nail Polish Set

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