November 2, 2022, Aurora, Colorado - ALIVER, a popular skincare and cosmetics company, is excited to introduce its newest product, Temporary Glitter Spray. People have an ardent desire for products that will help them stand out from the crowd during this time of year, and they enjoy expressing themselves. That is what ALIVER promotes. This is reflected in their fun and festive new Glitter Spray, which is now available for purchase and can be used to make skin, body, hair, and clothes shimmer and glow.

According to Alive, the brand's founder, "We put the Glitter Spray to the test in the market. We initially sold the product through our social media channels with limited stock, and it received a tremendous response. We even prepared more merchandise than we anticipated selling, but it all sold out in five minutes. As a result, we decided to produce more and put it on the market."

The temporary Glitter Spray from Elaimei, a sub-brand of ALIVER, is a delightful delicate glitter powder for added sparkle and extra glamour. ALIVER Temporary Glitter Spray, the latest in a contemporary line of products, joins other prestige such as ALIVER Wine Lip Tint. The luscious lip gloss set of six gorgeous colors in wine-bottle packaging quickly gained popularity on social media and became a best-seller. Along with their limited edition ALIVER Starry Box that invites users to "Always Be the Brightest Star." With each new product ALIVER introduces, the brand establishes itself as an industry innovator while focusing on delivering products that their clients will enjoy using.

ALIVER’s Mission

ALIVER is a brand that was created with the customer in mind, and customer satisfaction is an important part of the company's mission. After years of experimenting with professional salon service, they understand what is important to clients. Everything the ALIVER team does is to support and encourage people on their journey of self-discovery. They innovate to inspire a new type of care and to express an individual's unique beauty. Or, as the ALIVER mission statement puts it, "Every inch of your body matters; our philosophy is to turn chaos into simple fun: with naturally-active ingredients and transform those into potent formulas."

The burgeoning brand provides high-quality, fashionable, and reasonably priced cosmetics, including fan favorites such as

  • ALIVER 2-in-1 Colour Changing Full Coverage Foundation Stick
  • ALIVER 24k Pure Gold Anti-Aging Face Serum
  • ALIVER Lavender Exfoliate Foot Peel Mask

ALIVER is known for its fantastic cosmetics as well as its extensive line of nailcare products and tools. All their popular products are cruelty-free. Furthermore, the online shop provides customers with a convenient way to buy cosmetics from the comfort of their own home, as well as free shipping on orders over $39, a 30-day return policy, secure payment, and 24/7 customer support.

The ALIVER team invites everyone to get ready for the party season by trying out their newest product, Temporary Glitter Spray, and visiting their online shop for more stylish ALIVER products.

About ALIVER: ALIVER is the creation of Alive, who was once too busy to visit a nail salon. Taking this as inspiration, Alive launched the first nail salon collection in 2016 so that people could get a manicure and take care of their hands without leaving their homes. Because of the success of the nail products, she expanded the line to include the entire salon series from head to toe. Following the Nail Care line, a Hair Care, Skin Care, Body Care, and Makeup collection were created. “Beauty is not a chore; it can be available from the comfort of our own couch.”

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