Do not fall for the myth that manicures are the sole solution to nail problems. Instead, your nails just require proper care and attention regularly. Whether you are the type of person who religiously paints their nails for self-care or someone who constantly picks or bites cuticles, all look for healthy and beautiful nails. Groomed nails instantly make you look polished and can make the hands look more attractive.

To cope with the after-effects of extensive washing and skip salon visits, you must follow some homely care. It is not temporary beauty but deeply makes your nails look beautiful. However, you may need to invest time, energy, or money.

If you want to groom your nails and enhance your life, this article aims to discuss some functional tips. Let's explore!

10 Tips to keep your Nails healthy, Strong and Long

After thorough research and experimentation, we have listed some useful tips for strong nails that you can incorporate into daily life.

1. Keep your Fingernails Dry and Clean

All healthy and body problems begin with germs and bacteria. Hence, you need to ensure that there is no gap for them to flourish. Clean your nails regularly and carefully dry them after washing. It also prevents germs and dust from accumulating under nails. Anyhow, do not overdo it because it can also scratch the skin.

Prolonged soaking of hands in water results in splits. When you need to wash dishes, it is better to protect your fingernails with gloves.

2. Maintain your Cuticles

These are delicate parts of the hand around the nails that easily get ruptured. Reasonable care of cuticles is an essential part of nail care. You need to moisturize it daily with essential oil and trim it gently, so it does not stick out. For this purpose, you need high-quality and functional tools such as ALIVER Electric Nail Drill. It is not only used to remove cuticles but also helps smoothen and shape the nails.

3. Trim Regularly

Similar to hair, trimming the nails regularly strengthens their nails. Get a sharp and hygienic germs-free nail clipper and cut them neatly. After cutting, rub the tips with ALIVER Double Sided Nail File. It is not only easy to use but also pretty easy to clean.

Set a time and day every second week to trim your nails and shape them in the manner you line. However, it is best to trim your nails in a straight line or a bit round off.

4. Use a Moisturizer

Dryness and flakiness make the nails so brittle and vulnerable to cracks and breakage. Nails are delicate parts of the hands and tend to break off conveniently. Moisturize them with ALIVER Shea Butter Hand Cream to make them stronger.

5. Apply Top Coat and Base Coat for Protection

A top coat and base coat not only give your manicure a shiny, beautiful, and professional finish but also helps the nail color last longer, which prevents the nail polish from chipping off. There is a wide range of coats available, but the ALIVER Base coat Top coat UV/LED Nail Gel Kit is the best and most powerful one. Their upgraded formula has the ability to last up to 28 days.

6. Choose Safe Polishes

Nail polishes are one of the highly used products due to their smooth texture and fascinating colors. However, you need to be careful while picking nail polish. You need to select the three-free polishes, meaning a polish is made without formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. It shows that the mail paint does not contain the toxic trio.

For the safe side, you can select nail pain from the collection of ALIVER nail colors. Get a hand on the ALIVER Caramel Series Gel Nail Polish Set. This set contains fascinating colors of eco-friendly, non-toxic, and highly shiny nail paints.

7. Acetone Free Products

It is a harmful compound that is commonly present in many types of nail polishes, including nail polish removers. Therefore, always choose an acetone-free nail polish remover. It is harsh on the skin and nails and can cause damage to texture and color. It potentially dries out your nails and makes them prone to breakage.

For this purpose, you can depend on the ALIVER Nail Polish Remover.

8. Avoid using Gel and Acrylics

No doubt both nails are unusually pretty, but unfortunately, they cause immense damage to the nails. Hence, try to avoid it as much as you want.

The acrylic powder nails contain a lot of chemicals that can go into the bloodstream through the delicate nail bed. Moreover, the addition of UV lamps in gel manicures also results in harm to the skin around the nails.

9. Never Scrape off your Nail Polish

Harshly or gently, scraping off your pail polish is the worst thing you can do to your nails. It causes the nail surface to be pretty patchy and rough and stirs away the upper layer of nails. Moreover, if you want your nail paint to stay longer, you need to apply nail paint in two rounds.  

Double round increases the lifespan. However, avoid scraping and peeling your nails. Instead, switch to acetone-free ALIVER Eco-Friendly Magic Nail Polish Remover. It can easily remove gel nail polish in a matter of minutes.

10. Wear gloves for Protection

Gloves are an essential part of hand care because prolonged soaking in dishwashing soap and water can break your nails and even discolor them. Therefore, it is a wise decision to wear gloves while doing crockery. Anyhow, make sure to wash your gloves thoroughly after use, sanitize them and hang them out in the sunlight for better drying.


When it comes to hand care, it becomes difficult to select the brand. There are a plethora of brands available in the market claiming to offer the best and desired results. However, ALIVER is the best brand of all. It not only makes nail-friendly products but also keeps a focus on overall hand care and the environment. They are very beneficial to provide strength and long nails.

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