Aliver 6 Pcs/ Set Shea Butter Extra Dry Skin Hand Cream Moisturizer

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A collection intended for the color urban folk! It's filled with six creams for six urban seasons. Each cream has a unique function to satisfy all your needs related to hand care. Make your hands stand out like the cool graffiti glowing their colors in the city moonlight!

The important stuff
· Hand cream set from Aliver®
· Best sell and gift in 2021
· Travel size: 1.0FL. OZ/30ML
· Suitable for all skin types
· Non-greasy formula, quickly absorbed
· Calming and balancing fragrance
· Includes 6 ultra-nourishing hand creams in lavender, peony, shea butter, rose, chrysanthemum, and sakura. 
· No animal testing

How to use:
1. Squeeze out the desired amount of cream on clean hands.
2. Massage your hands together until the cream is spread even and fully absorbed by the skin.
Our hand cream DOES NOT contain parabens, dyes, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, SLS, or PEG!

Package Included: 
 6 Pcs Hand Cream Set

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