Sefudun Knee Joint Pain Relief Patch

$8.99 USD

SKU: AliverFB31056
Wormwood Leaves, Radix Aconiti, dried ginger, camphor, menthol, borneol, etc, etc.

Open the packaging and remove the backing paper.
Clean the affected area making sure it’s fully dried before applying the relief
patch then apply the relief patch to the affected area.
Each application can last for 12-24 hours.

Take out the knee patch
Tear off the backing paper
Stick to the desired area

1. If you have exposed skin do not use this relief patch as it could irritate the flesh.
2. When using this product some experience localized tingling, a warming sensation or redness where the patch is located which gradually disappears after the removal of the patch. If the redness doesn’t subside please see a medical professional.
3. Before usage please check the ingredient list to prevent allergic reactions.

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