Multifunctional Beauty Massage Device

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Method of use

1.Apply skin care products evenly on the face, aroundthe eyes, cheeks, chin, etc.

2.Choose the model according to your personal needs.

3.Press the acupoints to relieve muscle tension.

4.Push and pull against the facial skin from bottom totop to let face outline more outstanding and to achievethe effect of the shaping of face.

Product cleaning

1.Long press the power button to turn off the power.

2.Do not use detergent and wipe the product with aclean flannelette.

3.Put it in a dry and ventilated place after cleaning.

Precautions for use

Please read all the safety precautions carefully before usingthe product to ensure thatyou use the product correctly.

The safety precautions can help you use the product correctly,so as to avoid personal injury or other losses to you and others.All the safety precautions are as follows.Please read carefullyand follow the relevant regulations of the safety precautions.


1. The following people are not allowed to use this product:Children and infants;

Allergic population;

Pregnant or menstruating women with traumatic skin lesions,eczema, swelling, skin diseases, dermatitis, or skin sensitivities;Psychosomatic population;

People who have heart rate regulators or have had other devicesinstalled in their bodies.

2. Do not use this product on the wound.

3. Do not clean and wipe the product with diluents. benzene orother solvents.

4. Do not use or place the product in an overheated or

high-temperature environment or where the product closesto asource of fire.

5. Do not drop,or collide with the product to avoid damagingthe product. Please do not use it again if the product is

damageddue to collision or drop.

6. Please do not modify, dismantle or repair the product byyourself.For relevant repair matters, please contact thedealer that you purchase the product from.

7. Do not soak the product in other liquids.

8. Please do not use this product when your hands are wet.Use it when your hands are dry, otherwise it may causepower short circuit.

Product parameter
Product model MSH-205
Color ivory white/pink
Weight about81G
Specification 130mm*75mm*20mm
Battery cell polymer battery
lnput criteria DC/5v DC
The minimum power 1.5W
Quiescent current <10uA

Package Includes:
1* Multifunctional Beauty Massage Device

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