Aliver Kids Sleep Strips, Stretchable Mouth Sleep Aid Help Nose Breathing

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100% SAFE - sleep strips surround the mouth and bring together the lips with light elastic tension. They do not cover the mouth.
Made using cotton and hypoallergenic, skin-friendly glue
FOR DAY & NIGHT USE - can be worn by children and teens safely both during day and night
IMPROVES QUALITY OF LIFE - gently restores functional breathing for better sleep, better health, and better quality of life.
Effectively relieves dryness of the mouth and throat
Helps maintain a natural facial profile

This product is part of a 3 stage process but can be used separately

1Stage:Adaptation period
It is suitable for people who open their mouths for a long time, open their mouths widely, and cannot breathe through their noses, and who are worried that they cannot adapt to suddenly closing their mouths to breathe.

2Stage:Correction period
For people whose noses can breathe normally as long as they close their mouths

3Stage:consolidation period
It is suitable for anyone who corrects open mouth breathing, the degree of closing the mouth can be adjusted freely, and the sticking can be loose and tight.


  1. Do not use for children under 4 years old
  2. External single use only
  3. Stop using the product if there is any allergic reaction, and consult the doctor when necessary
  4. Children or those without the ability to remove the strip by themselves should use under the supervision of adult.


Cotton, Spandex, Silicone

Package Include:
1/2/3 Stage Kids Sleep Strips 40pcs
3 in 1 Kids Sleep Strips 60pcs

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