Flower Dance BB Cream Loose Powder Combination Pack

$13.49 USD

  •  Inspiration:TIn China, butterflies symbolize freedom, beauty, and, according to Liang Zhu, a life-and-death love. In the West, the butterfly symbolizes death and the soul, as well as transformation and growth.

  • Benefits: Micron-level spherical powder, ultra-lightweight and imperceptible.Combining air cushion cream and loose powder ingeniously, it is convenient to use when traveling
  • The unique formula can disperse oils and repelling water. Provides sheer, matte velvety coverage and long-lasting finish.
  • Ingredients: Rich in a wide variety natural herb extracts such as Tianshan Snow Lotus, Alpine Ginseng, Peony and other nourishing ingredients which are gentle and non-irritating. It is the unity of makeup and skin care.
  • Color: (Matte) : For all skin tones, creating a matte and soft focus effect. 


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