Elaimei Tattoo Numbing Cream, Topical Pain Treatment

$16.99 USD

SKU: FB32709

✅【Numbing Effect Lasts 6-8 Hours】This painless tattoo numbing cream numbing effect lasts 6-8 hours, allowing you to finish your session in one step, you never have to ask a tattooist to stop, slow down or finish another time.

✅【Designed for tattoos】 If you're still afraid to finish your dream tattoo or piercing because of the pain, try our painless tattoo numbing cream. Our tattoo numbing cream before tattoo allows you to get your tattoo without any pain. The extra-long numbing effect, the whole process comfortable!

✅【Suitable for All Skin Types】 This tattoo numbing cream before the tattoo is made with natural ingredients, is non-greasy, and is easy to clean. Aloe vera and vitamin E effectively soothe and protects the skin from irritation, and the newly added Menthol ingredient makes the skin heal faster after tattooing. Just wipe it off with a tissue after use! Odorless and Non-greasy.

✅【More Multipurpose, Best Choice】This is a multipurpose numbing cream. This numbing cream for tattoos can relieve all skin pains such as tattoos, piercing, Brazilian hair removal, micro-needling, and hemorrhoid. Versatile and extra large capacity.

✅【How to Use】 ①WASH - Wash specific areas with soap and warm water. Wipe it dry ②RUB - Apply a thick amount of cream. (Be sure to apply thickly) ③COVER - Cover with plastic wrap and keep it on for 50-60 minutes. The longer wrapping time, the longer numbness will last. ④WORK - Remove the plastic wrap, and wait 25 minutes to reach numbness.

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