Elaimei Tattoo Numbing Cream Before Tattoo

$18.99 USD

SKU: FB32725

Designed for tattoos: If you're still afraid to finish your dream tattoo or piercing because of the pain, try our painless tattoo numbing cream. The extra-long numbing effect ensures that you won't stop halfway through your tattoo and can get you through the whole process comfortably!

6-8 Hours Long-Lasting Numbing - The numbing cream before the tattoo can provide you with a powerful numbing effect that lasts up to 6-8 hours, effectively relieving any skin pain. The super long-lasting numbing effect ensures that you will not stop in the middle of the tattoo, and spend the entire tattoo process comfortably!

Safe for Skin - The tattoo numbing cream is made of natural ingredients, is non-greasy, and is easy to clean. Aloe vera and vitamin E effectively soothe and protects the skin from irritation, and the newly added Menthol ingredient makes the skin heal faster after tattooing.

Multipurpose Numbing Cream - The tattoo numbing cream is multipurpose. It can effectively relieve skin pain caused by tattoos, tattoo removal, piercing, waxing, and microneedling; or skin irritations such as minor abrasions, minor scrapes, or hemorrhoids.

How to Use - Simply apply the tattoo numbing cream thickly on the skin in preparation for work before surgery, wrap it in plastic for 50-60 minutes, and wait for full absorption, after absorption is complete, wait 10 minutes to enter the numbing state and you can start working. It is recommended to choose a small area of skin for patch testing before use to prevent discomfort. Only for external use.

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