Elaimei Sleep Mouth Strips 90 Pcs

$13.99 USD

SKU: FB31692

Provide Better Sleep Quality: Clinical studies show that nose breathing leads to more efficient blood oxygenation, more consistent deep sleep, less snoring, and overall more restful nights. This mouth tape can ensure that you breathe through your nose during sleep, enjoy continuous deep sleep, reduce snoring, and make your night more quiet.

Effective Safe & Easy Use: Odor-free medical adhesive won't irritate your skin. You can easily apply and remove the strip without leaving any residue behind. Our mouth tape will help you improve your sleeping quality.

Hypoallergenic And 100% Safe: Mouth strips are made of hypoallergenic materials and have been extensively tested to ensure that you will not experience skin irritations. Our strips are the best and safest way to promote nose breathing while you sleep. Mouth tape for keeping your mouth closed during the night. Helps to train nasal breathing for a softer breathing habit.

Latest Unique Design: Three different mouth taps correspond to different time periods, which can help you improve the bad habit of breathing with your mouth step by step. Our sleep strips are designed with a central vent to reduce claustrophobia during use. Sleep strips help keep you from breathing through your mouth all night and ending up with a sore, dry throat.

90 Packs Meet Your Needs: This mouth strap is suitable for children over 8 years old and adults. It adopts a 3-in-1 design for Different mouth straps are used for different periods of time step by step to change mouth breathing. 90pcs large package, suitable for family use.

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