Elaimei Kids Sleep Strips, Nasal Breathing Support

$13.99 USD

SKU: FB31693

100% SAFE - sleep strips surround the mouth and bring together the lips with light elastic tension. They do not cover the mouth.

Made using cotton and hypoallergenic, skin-friendly glue

FOR DAY & NIGHT USE - can be worn by children and teens safely both during day and night

IMPROVES QUALITY OF LIFE - gently restores functional breathing for better sleep, better health, and better quality of life.

Effectively relieves dryness of the mouth and throat

Helps maintain a natural facial profile

1 Stage: Adaptation period

It is suitable for people who open their mouths for a long time, open their mouths widely, and cannot breathe through their noses, and who are worried that they cannot adapt to suddenly closing their mouths to breathe.

2 Stage: Correction period

For people whose noses can breathe normally as long as they close their mouths

3 Stage: Consolidation period

It is suitable for anyone who corrects open-mouth breathing, the degree of closing the mouth can be adjusted freely, and the sticking can be loose and tight.

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