Elaimei Himalayan Salt Body Scrub Infused with Lychee Oil

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  • ✿【Body Scrubs, Reduce Blemishes】 Exfoliating with Himalayan Salts can improve the texture, tone & appearance of your skin, reduce the appearance of acne / blemishes, combat water retention, helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, reduce blackheads, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, shaving bumps, stretch marks, scars, spider veins. Using a salt scrub is known to increase circulation, assist in the rejuvenation of your cells.
  • ✿【Rich In Nourishing Minerals & Hydrating Plant Oils】 Our Himalayan Salt Scrub is formulated with powerful Natural Ingredients including Lychee berry, Sweet Almond Oil, and various Nutrients for their benefits on skin. Himalayan salt with lychee oil will help restore your natural skin while scrubbing away unwanted toxins and dead skin cells! It can be used by Men & Women.
  • ✿【Natural Himalayan Pink Salt】Himalayan salt is known for its impressive nutrient profile, which includes high trace amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper & iron. These nutrients help detoxify skin by balancing pH levels in the body. The pink salt crystals act as a pore-minimizer to restore smooth, soft skin. It works in reducing the signs of age and firming cream and increasing skin cell longevity.
  • ✿【Detoxification, Hydration, Rejuvenation 】Body Scrubs Exfoliate skin to remove dead cells, toxins, dirt, pollution, and from pores. Scrubbing also increases blood flow to assist in rejuvenation of skin cells; leaving not only your skin revived but also refreshing your whole Mind, Body, and Spirit. It is formulated with all-natural ingredients with no parabens or other additives.
  • ✿【Refreshes Your Appearance, Removes Dead Skin Cells】 Detox and polish your skin by gently removing unwanted toxins from your pores, adding moisture, and balancing systemic pH. A top-quality pore minimizer that revitalizes healthy skin and works to maintain that silky-smooth skin.
  • ✿【Skin Blemish Solution】 Our unique blend of ingredients can help to reduce the appearance of Acne, Blackheads, Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Scars, and Excess Oil. A pore-minimizer and hydrating solution to leave your skin feeling smoother, softer, and firmer.

Exfoliating Himalayan Salt Scrub

  1. Body scrub and neck relaxation
  2. Body scrub and elbow exfoliation
  3. Body scrub to exfoliate elbows
  4. Body scrub reduces the abdomen
  5. Body scrub to exfoliate the legs

Steps for usage
Step 1:
Before using the body scrub, first you need to wet your body with warm water, and then you can choose to clean your body with shower gel, or you can directly wet your body without shower gel.
Step 2:
While your body skin is still slightly wet, take out an appropriate amount of body scrub and apply it evenly on all parts of your body, and then gently massage all parts of your body.
Step 3:
Finally, rinse your body skin, take out the body milk and apply it evenly to your body skin.

Do not rub hard, draw small circles on the surface of the skin from your fingertips to your arms and your toes toward your thighs.
Carefully exfoliate the rough areas such as the elbows or knees, and take care not to apply too much force to areas with thin skin such as the neck and shoulders. Regular body scrubs 1-2 times a week will stimulate fine circulation, help cell regeneration, and delay skin aging. Our scrub can refresh the skin and exfoliate dead skin cells gently and harmlessly.

Package Inclued:
1* Elaimei Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

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