Aliver Wine Lip Tint (ML01)

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  • Long-Lasting Application

A lightweight and soft textured lipstick that dries matte with a rich color payoff and long-lasting properties.

  • Non-Fading

Leave no mark on a cup or someone’s face. No color or flakes coming off.

    • Sexy Wine Lip Gloss

    Features a wine bottle look. Apply lip tint in front of your loved one, and show your elegance. Or treat your friends with this "drink"!

    • Moisturizing

    Contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient, and silky feel that does not dry your lips out.

    • Easy Cleaning

    Simply use makeup remover or olive oil to remove the lip tint.


    • Net WT:  7g/Pack
    Color: ML01  MALBEC
        Package Included:
        • 1*Pack of Wine Lip Gloss


        • It's better to use the lip balm or based lip items before putting them on your lip.
        • Don't compress lips after applying the gloss, or it will be sticky.
        • It will look a little darker if you use a lip brush than your hands, so Lip brush is strongly recommended.
        • Because it is the effect of matte velvet, you can touch and drink water, but you can not eat something grease.

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