Aliver Hydrogel Eye Patch 100 pcs

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  • 100% natural plant extract eye pads, moisture and tighten your skin, no irritation to eyes.
  • Ideal for eyelash extensions, lint free hydrogel eye patch can avoid lashes sticking to the gel pads, especially for salon professionalist using in the eyelash extension, make your work faster and cleaner.
  • Save time prepping the eye. This eye patch is designed with Flex-Form technology to create a custom fit for all different eye shapes and sizes.
  • The eye patches are used during the eyelash extension process for client comfort. These Eye patches stimulate the skin's collagen to brighten the skin under the eye during the eyelash extension treatment
  • A great helper for the application of eyelash extension-the gel pad on the bottom lashes.


How to use
Thoroughly clean and dry your face
Open the bag and remove the patch from plastic liner
Remove the protective film, remove the patch slowly from the edges
Apply the patch under eyes during eyelash extension application

when daily use apply the patch under the eye
gently press the eye patch for 10 seconds and then wear it for 15-30 minutes
remove the eye mask and clean with water

Water, Glycerin, Aloe Extract, Vitamin C

Once the bag has been opened, please use it immediately
Do not reuse the pads.
If skin irritation or redness. flush the area with water and stop use.
Keep out of reach of children.
For external use only.

Package includes
1* Aliver Hydrogel Eye Patch 100 pcs

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