Aliver Chirstmas Skincare Box

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Buy 1 Skincare Box care your whole winter!

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ALIVER Magnetic Mud Mask: remove blackheads & dead skin, unclog pores, fix dull skin

ALIVER Retinol Cream: improve collagen synthesis in skin, lead to firmer and radiant-looking skin

ALIVER Eye Serum: get rid of eye bags and puffiness, awaken your eyes

ALIVER Peptide Cream: encourages skin’s natural power to amplify collagen and elastin, unlock your skin’s youth potential

ALIVER Vitamin C Serum: brighten and rejuvenate your skin

ALIVER Lactobionic Acid: provide textural and smoothing benefits to skin, increase skin thickness

ALIVER 24k Serum: anti-aging, reduce wrinkles & fine lines, keep your skin firm and youthful

Temporary Glitter Spray: make skin, body, hair, and clothes shimmer and glow, stand out from party crowd

Package Inclued:
1* ALIVER Magnetic Mud Mask/ALIVER Retinol Cream/ALIVER Eye Serum/ALIVER Peptide Cream/ALIVER Vitamin C Serum/ALIVER 24k Serum/Temporary Glitter Spray

2* ALIVER Lactobionic Acid

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