Aliver Chirstmas Bodycare box

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SKU: AliverFB31864

Buy 1 Bodycare Box warm your whole winter!

 【A Good Deal】You can get $86.93 worth of merchandise for just $49.99.

Lavender Exfoliant Foot Mask gently remove the dead, rough skin to get baby foot

Lip Sleeping Mask double effect with scrub and lip balm, revitalize and moisturize your lip skin

Rosemary Oil hydrate, nourish scalp for thicker and healthier hair

Honey Peach Hand Cream rich in vitamins and fatty acids, keep your hands soft and smooth

Teeth Whitening Foam clean teeth and freshen breath in no time

Temporary Glitter Spray make skin, body, hair, and clothes shimmer and glow, stand out from party crowd

Package Inclued:
3*Lavender Exfoliant Foot Mask, 1*Lip Sleeping Mask/Rosemary Oil/Honey Peach Hand Cream/Teeth Whitening Foam/Temporary Glitter Spray

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