Aliver AcneTreatment Serum for Clearing Severe Acne

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Tea Tree Acne Treatment Serum, Great for Removing Acne Or Pimples!


Acne Killer: Our serum is rich in tea tree oil and camellia extract, so it has strong permeability and can denature protein deposits to achieve a strong healing effect, cure acne and prevent future outbreaks.

Skin-Friendly: The serum is made of a variety of plant extracts and can be quickly absorbed by the skin without a greasy feeling. Continuous use of serum for 3-4 weeks can effectively treat acne and pimples, and repair the roughness caused by acne. For severe acne, it is recommended to use this serum for 2 cycles.

Clear Skin Serum: Combined with its ability to absorb moisture in a low humidity environment, it can also inhibit oily skin to soften skin and tender skin.

Remove Acne & Pimple:  Great to unclog pores, comfort irritated skin, and improve skin, healthier skin, perfect for oily and acne-prone skin! Suitable for ladies and men.


Gender: Unisex

Skin Type: All

Body Part: face & neck

Age Group: Adult

Ingredients: Tea tree extract,  Camellia sinensis leaf extracts, houttuynia cordata extract, Rehmannia Chinensis root extract

Package Included:

1 * Pack of AcneTreatment Serum


Note 1: A cycle is 28 days. For severe acne, it is recommended to use this serum for 2 cycles.

Note 2: For acne in its infancy time, this refreshing serum could help calm the skin, reduce the redness and inflammation of the acne. And for those who already has pus and fluid, it will accelerate the maturity of the zits. And later it will form a scab, then the serum will help heal acne and the scab and preventing future breakouts.

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