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2 Modes Heated Electric Eyelash Curler

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The eyelash curler can heat up quickly in about 10-30s. Heated for a more pronounced curl and long-lasting effect. The heated eyelash curler has 2 temperature modes: 65°c (149°F) and 85°c (185°F), which can heat up quickly in about 10-30s. The green light on is low temperature(65°C), suitable for fine, soft eyelashes; the blue light on is high temperature(85°C), suitable for hard, thick eyelashes. Natural lasting effect, bid farewell to the traditional eyelash curler stiff unnatural. The heated eye lash curler is conveniently charged via Type-c and can be used for long periods of time once fully charged. The power is automatically switched off after 5min of stopping use. The compact and stylish design can be placed in a wallet, handbag or cosmetic case.

How to Use:

Step 1
Turn on the eyelash curler and preheat for 10-30s
Step 2
1. Curl eyelashes from bottom-up and press the bottom for 8-15s.
2. Move the handle slowly over 90 degrees, raised and gently let go of the eyelash curler.
3. Repeat above several times as needed
Step 3
Apply mascara and set, thick and curly lashes

It’s very effective, comes with two different temperature settings (low and high)

The product will not turn on,or feel the heated eyelash curler can not heat up like before after a few use, please fully charge it before use.

It’s very effective, comes with two different temperature settings (low and high)

We use a long press to turn it on/off, and two heating settings, it will start to preheat on low temp and the light will be green.

If high temp is wanted press the button again and the LED light turns blue.


Item Type: Heated-Eyelash-Curler

2 Tempreture Setting: 65°, 85°

Color: Pink

Power Supply Type: USB cable

Package Includes:

1*Heated Eyelash Curler

1*USB charging cable

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