Anti Wrinkles Neck Face Massager, Beauty Massager for Face and Neck

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This neck and face massager is not only applied to the neck, but also to other parts of the body such as face, forehead. Massaging the forehead can reduce lift lines, massaging the jawline of the face, can tighten the facial skin. Suitable for men and women, suitable for all skin types.
It comes with vibration, led light and 45±5℃ heating which can promote the blood circulation and metabolism to clear the meridians.

3 Color Mode:
Blue Light: The coolest light, can promote protein and collagen synthesis, activate skin, tighten loose skin and shrink pores, which is good for oily skin and sensitive skin. 
Green light: It can improve the function of alternative use of oxygen of the cell, promote the microcirculation of the skin surface, and dredge the lymphatic and edema.   
Red light: It can increase cell vitality, accelerate blood circulation, and promote the growth of fibroblasts and collagen.

vibranting face massager

ms w face massager

How to use:

Step 1
Clean and dry your skin, Select preferred mode.

Step 2
Apply appropriate amount of serum or lotion on your skin

Step 3
Use consistently every day for a radiant complexion

3-in-1 Hot Face Massager Designed for you who love skin care

Heat up to 45°C Increasing the absorption of skin care products, wake up sleeping skin, increase vitality, and refresh the skin of eyes, face, and neck.

Vibration Massage Weak. Medium and Strong vibrations provide di-grent massage options. The vibration helps relaxterse muscles, promote absorption, and quickly soften topical skin. Light for Different Color

Different colors of Lights correspond to different gears. Suitable for all skin types, the face care massager is easy to use and saves time.

Package Includes:
1* Anti Wrinkles Massager (white)

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