Aliver Kid’s Anticavity Mouth Spray

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  • 〔Help Prevent Night Bottle Syndrome〕You don’t have to wake up your baby or toddler when they fall asleep during breastfeeding or finish their milk bottle. A few sprays will help keep tooth decay away.
  • 〔Sweet Reward After Brushing〕Does your little one hate seeing a baby toothbrush? Use Kids Oral Spray as a sweet reward after brushing for a delicious dental care routine. Each 20mL bottle lasts up to 150 sprays.
  • 〔Happy Kids, Relaxed Parents〕Our mouth spray allows your kids to sleep in peace for the night, and keeps them free of toothaches long-term. Reclaim your precious evening relaxation time with Kids Oral Spray.
  • 〔Keep Cavities At Bay〕With patented MesoFill Technology, our mouth spray helps make your kids’ teeth stronger and cavity-free. Use it after every meal, bottle feeding, brushing, or before bedtime.
  • 〔Safe Even For Newborn Babies〕Our baby oral cleaner is made of food-grade ingredients. No alcohol and preservatives. It’s gentler than a kids mouthwash and suitable for children 0 to 12 years old.

USE: helps protect against cavities, fights bad breath bacteria, supports immune, digestive and oral health.

After Nighttime Bottle Feeds

No need to wake up your kids. Our anticavity spray protects their teeth and allows them to brush the next day. They can sleep soundly, giving you time to rest too.

While on the Go

The bottle is small and light, it can be put in your bag easily. Use with Kids Oral Spray while dining out, visiting friends, or in the places your little one won't be able to brush their teeth.

After Brushing Teeth

Do your kids find brushing a chore? Our anticavity spray is Xylitol-sweetened and can serve as a delicious reward to give after brushing. It’ll help make brushing an exciting activity!


Avoid spraying into eyes, In case of direct eye contact rinse thoroughly with running water.

We recommend perform a patch/allergy test before first use, spray 1 burst at the wrist area and leave for 24 hours, if irritation or allergy symptoms occur discontinue use. Please use product within 90 days of opening.


Shake well before use. Spray 2 to 3 bursts of ALIVER Kids Oral Spray towards children's teeth and tongue. For best results use with toothbrush. Can be used anytime and anywhere.

Package Includes:
1* Aliver Kid’s Anticavity Mouth Spray 40ml

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