Aliver Sesame Seed Oil

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This oil is extracted from natural black sesame seed. Cold-pressed and rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, fatty acids, minerals, and a variety of trace elements. It is a natural care for skin and hair and called “the King of Oils”. Sesame oil is a good moisturize for dry skin, effectively reduces wrinkles, removes free radicals, maintains skin elasticity and delays aging. In addition, it repairs damaged sensitive skin and reduces acne scar. Improve the overall skin immunity. Black sesame oil has a higher level of nutrients than white sesame oil. Boost hair growth and nourish scalp , prevent hair loss and hair graying. Make hair healthy and shiny.

Black Sesame Seed Oil


Sun Protection Oil

Sesame oil is a high-concentration nutrient sunscreen. The nutrients contained can effectively block the damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun. 

Natural Moisturizer

Sesame oil is rich in moisturizing factors, which can prevent skin dryness and peeling. Especially in autumn and winter, apply a little oil on the skin, or use sesame oil as a mask, can hydrate skin and lock water. Suit for all skin types. 

Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Age

Large fatty acids and vitamin E contained can efficiently hydrate and boost skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Remove free radicals which hurt skin. Rejuvenate youthful appearance.

Help Repair Acne Scars

The rich-in nutrients inside this oil can help repair damaged skin cells, reduce acne scars marks. Regular use of sesame oil can improve skin immunity, good for acne prone and fragile skin.

Efficient Scalp and Hair Care

High in minerals and fatty acid especially Omega 3 and 6. Prevent hair loss and breakage, nourish scalp and stimulate hair growth. Hydrate dry, frizzy hair and restore a shining thick hair.

Massage Oil for Body

Can be used as carrier oil to dilute essential oils for body massage.

How To Use

This oil can be used alone or added into skin care products like creams, lotions, balms and massage oils. You can use it as face serum every morning and night or as carrier oil. 

For hair and scalp, warm this oil in your hands and massage for 5 minutes being sure to cover and massage your entire scalp and hair. Wash out after 20 minutes.

Package Includes:
1* Aliver Sesame Seed Oil - 60ml

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