Jelly Silicone Nail Stamper - French Tip Nails 2

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Wanna elevate your nail game to perfection?
A super EASY and TIME-SAVING solution for you!! 

Our Jelly Silicone Nail Stamper provides you with the NEATEST & QUICKEST French Tip Nails possible, allowing you to achieve a salon look from the comfort of your own home.


Easy to Use: Simply paint your nail polish of choice on the face of the silicone stamper and press the tip of your nail into the polish whilst wet. Remove your nails after pressing into the silicone pad to reveal a flawless French tip nail. Let the polish try and you are done!

Salon Look from your Home: Achieve an in-salon look to your nails from the comfort of your own home! There is no need to go to the nail salon once you’ve got this secret weapon, to achieve your desired look, saving you both time and money!

On-Trend Nail Design: You may have seen our product has gone viral on social media lately, particularly on TikTok. Many celebrities and influencers sporting this nail trend recently, such as Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Hayley Bieber, Emma Chamberlin, Charlie, and Dixie D'Amelio just to name a few!

High Quality: Our product is made from high-quality durable silicone, ensuring the product will last for years to come, if there are any issues please do not hesitate to contact our team, we will ensure any issue is rectified.


To quickly clean your stamper without damaging it, use a piece of packing tape to pick up all the leftover polish bits.

Trying scraping the image both left to right and up and down. This will spread the polish around the large space more evenly.Note: Please do not clean the stamper with acetone and non-acetone nail polish remover. For best results clean using sticky tape to remove excess nail polish and dust/fluff.


  • 1x Jelly Silicone Nail Stamper
  • 1x Nail Scraper

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