Aliver Liquid Latex Tape, nail polish barrier protector

$12.99 USD

SKU: AliverFB31549
  • SIZE:39x23.5x74mm


  • Why Choose Aliver Liquid Latex for Nails?


    • Easy to apply in a few quick strokes
    • 60s quick dry
    • Low ammonia odor, but can't feel the odor during use
    • Peels off in ONE piece
    • Be durable enough to work with sponging and marbling nail art


    1. Take a skin test and wait for minutes to check for any allergies before applying.
    2. Cold weather may dry out or freeze the liquid, soak the bottle in warm water (not boiling water) for 4-5 minutes before use.
    3. Shake the bottle to keep the gel evenly before use.
    4. Easier to peel off when gently tear from one side of your nail.
    5. Tighten the bottle after each use. Avoid direct sunlight and heat, and placed in a cool dry place.



    • Make sure no liquid latex touches the nail bed, otherwise it will stick to the nail bed and create a jagged tear line.
    • Do not wait until the nail polish is completely dry before peeling, or the dried nail polish might tear from nail bed, resulting in a less than perfect look.

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