ALIVER Electric Nail Drill

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✿ Multi-Functions Manicure Drill Machine: This electric nail file kit including 5 replaceable heads, each electric file bit has different functions to remove excess cuticles, grinding, shape buff and shine nails, which could satisfy your different needs and making the nails more beautiful.
✿ Effective & Portable Nail Tools: The electric nail drill kit electric could be worked on both artificial nails and natural nails, Keep toe and fingernails shiny and natural looking in effortless way.
✿ Low Noise ElectricNail Drill Machine: Lightweight metal bits and excellent sanding bands make low noise and slight vibration for smooth and long-time operation, please refer to the using method of the picture.
✿ Easy to Use: Inserting 2 AA batteries and installing the grinding tool, then the electric nail grinder can work by pushing one button, the battery nail drill maybe have not much power than electric nail buffer machine, but it is portable to carry.
✿ Light & Convenient to Carry: This portable fingernail drill is easy storage with a purple satin pouch, compact and lightweight design, easy to carry for travel holiday. It is also a professional nail accessory for salon and home use. The fingernail buffer set are suitable as a birthday/festival gift.

    5 Attachments of Electric Nail Kit

    Chromium Corundom Grin

    Flat Emery Head: Professsionally shapes nails and finishes them to a smooth gentle edge;

    Felt Grinder

    The Soft Felt Cone: Polish nails to a healthy shine,also use it to push back cuticles and stimulate nail bed circulation for increased nail growth;

    Carborundum Grinder

    The Small Grinding Cone: Helps with the rough, hard cuticles and fits perfectly in the sides of the nail,it grinds the rough spots without damaging the skin;

    White Corundum Grinder

    The Diamond Cone: Has been designed to remove dead skin,corns and calluses;

    Sandpaper Grinding Cylinder: Use to flat and smooth extra thick nails and rippled surface.

    How to use:
    Step 1: Please rotate it in the direction of the arrow and open to insert 2AA batteries.
    Step 2: Please align the red line on end sides first and press together lightly to lock down the battery.
    Step 3: Choose the attachment, then press the switch, the item could start to work.

    Package inclued:
    1* ALIVER Electric Nail Drill

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