Aliver 4D Feather Fashion Mascara

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Just brush your eyelashes lightly, You will win super long, thick, curly eyelashes. Let you be confident all day long.


4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara Feature :

· For Sensitive Eyes

· Waterproof

· Lasts All Day

· Natural,NO Disperse

· Easy Application & Removal

· Smudge & Clump & Flake Free

· Hypoallergenic & Gentle Formula

· Longer, Thicker, Voluminous Lashes

 The mascara can be evenly distributed on the bristles, and each lash is wrapped in the smear process. showing naturally dense eyelashes.

Step 1

Curl your clean,bare lashes with a suitable eyelash curler.

Step 2

Make sure the mascara brush is properly coated, then apply using a zigzag “Z”. Storke from the base of your eyelashes to the tips

Step 3

Repeat and brush on until you have achieved the desired degree of lash separation, volume, and length.

Deepen the color of the eyelashes, Zoom in on your eyes, makes you more beautiful and confident.


Gives the lashes the 4 dimensions of a perfect look: thicker, longer, perfectly curved, and defined.

With Aliver® exclusive brush, no lashes are missed, separates and covers each lash.

 Protects and strengthens the lashes with regular application.

Taking your look to a whole new dimension, the wand, and long-lasting formula work to simultaneously curl and lengthen lashes, while delivering unprecedented volume and definition.

Package Included:

1* Pcs 4D Mascara

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