Aliver Honey & Milk Hand Moisturizing Mask 1/3/5 Pcs

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  • MOISTURIZING HAND GLOVE - These hands mask can firm your skin for a youthful glow. Natural botanical extracts activated the basal cells of the skin which can help of reducing fine lines. It also slows down the reduction of collagen that comes with age so your hands look younger longer
  • ANTI-WEINKLE& ANTI-AGING GLOVES - Natural botanical extracts and hydrating ingredients help to penetrate the upper layer of the skin, help to reduce visible signs of age, and providing intense moisture.
  • TOUCHSCREEN MATERIAL - Get your spa treatment while still using your touch electronics, smartphones, iPods and iPads, & PCs, without taking your moisture gloves off
  • EASY TO USE - Wear the hand mask for 15-25 minutes.No no need to use it with water and other skin moisturizers and lotions Great for all skin types. One size fits all. Comes as one time use single hand mask.

How To Properly Use

  1. Cleanse and dry hands.
  2. Remove gloves from the packaging. Tear open along perforated edge and place hands inside gloves.
  3. Wear for 45 minutes.
  4. Remove gloves. Do not rinse.
  5. As the skin has a 4-week regeneration period it is most effective when used twice a week for the first month and then as required.
  6. We recommend patch test the cream before use, apply a small amount on your wrist, 
  7. leave on for 1 hour, wipe clean, if irritation occurs, discontinue use


  • Type: Hand  Mask
  • Gender: Men, Women
  • NET WT: 18g/Pack
  • Shelf life:3 years
  • Size Type: Full size


  1. This product may have an allergic reaction to a small number of the human body, if discomfort, please immediately stop using
  2. Sensitive skin, please do a good skin test before using
  3. It can not be used in the wound or inedible
  4. If swelling and allergy occur after use, please stop using them immediately  

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