Aliver MOLESKIN TAPE Heel Stickers Blister Prevention Pads

$12.99 USD

SKU: AliverFB31784

Prevent blisters from forming: a soft gel pad prevents direct friction between the foot and the shoe, alleviates the pain of new shoes grinding the foot or walking for long periods, and prevents blisters.
Easy to use: the back of the product adopts an open design similar to a butterfly wing,No touch of adhesive is required when using,It is safer and more clean to use,There is no adhesive residue when the gel protects the bandage from falling off the skin.Notice: Please keep feet dry when use the flannel adhesive pads.
Clean and safe: blister treatment patches can be applied for blistering, more clean and safe to keep your injuries away from dust and dirt
Good adhesive: one stick on, good adhesive ensure the shoe blister protections keep in place for a long day of work.
Quantity: comes with totally 110 pieces pads in 10 sheets, each sheet contains 11 pieces in various shape, enough for you to use.

Why it works:
Immediately reduces friction, keeping hot spots from developing into blisters.
They are all pre-cut in shapes actually. Just tear with you fingers, you’ll get it easily.

Sweat and high temperature may affect the stickiness of gel.

Package Inclued:
1* Aliver 110 pcs Heel Pads

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