Aliver Dipping Powder Liquid Set, 2 in 1 Base & Top Coat and Activator

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SKU: AliverFB30611

Dip Powder Liquid Set: Aliver dipping powder system includes 1 × base & top coat, 1 × activator, 2 × replacement brushes. We use large-capacity bottles, each with 15ml/0.5oz of liquid. This set is just for dip powder, instead gel nail polish.
Healthy and High Quality: The bottle is made of ceramic, and dip powder liquid is made of high-quality materials, environmentally friendly and non-toxic,low smell. Fast drying, resistant to chipping and cracking. Even for beginners, you can easily create bright and vivid nails.
Easy to Use: No UV/LED nail lamp needed, easy to apply and dry fast. With this set, you can quickly finish dipping nails at low cost at home. Good choice for both professional salons and beginner.
2 in 1Base&Top Coat Design: As an upgraded liquid set, we put the base coat and top coat in the same bottle, which can save the space and time of dip powder nails. Only two bottles are required to complete the production of dipping powder nails.


How to Make Amazing Effect With Liquid Dip Powder Nail kit ?(Detailed Dip Nail Steps)

Step 1: Pre The Nail. Ensure Your Nails Are Completely Clean and Oil Free (Very Important)

Step 2: Apply a Thin 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat Gel to 3/4th of Your Nails. Avoid Getting Any On Cuticle.

Step 3: Dip tip of the entire nail at a 45 degree angle into the dip powder quickly (dry 30s),then pull nails straight back out

Step 4: Brush off excess powder with nail brush(Important)

Step 5: Repeat the Step 2-4 to get the effect you want

Step 6: Apply Dip Nail ACTIVATOR (just one layer!!!)(dry 30s)

Step 7: File the surface of the nail smoothly (Important)

Step 8: Apply 2 in 1 dipping base and top coat to the entire nail with quick thin strokes.Wait the gel top air dry ,(dry 30s-60s)

if you want to make your nails more shiny,can Apply the second coat of 2 in 1 base and top to the nail surface(allow this gel top to air dry for 2 minutes.)

Step 9: Finished: Enjoy your beautiful, strong, healthy, shine and perfect long lasting nail that last over 3 weeks. 

Package Inclued:
1* Dipping Powder Liquid Set

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