Elaimei Double eyelid styling 480 Pcs

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3 Different Size – Come with 3 size, different sizes of the eyelid band bring about different widths of the double eyelid, creating deep and natural double eyelids that can help you shape your eyelids well whether your eyelids are thick, swollen or thin
Perfect for Daily Use – This eyelid tape kit come with 1 eyelid styling cream and 1 fork rod, sufficient and convenient for daily use to makes your eyes look bigger, younger and more energetic. Perfect for hooded, droopy, uneven or mono eyelids
High Quality Material - Ready to throw your terrible eyelid tapes out the window, our eyelid stickers made of high quality adhesive fibers, which are hypoallergenic, lightweight, and breathable, it also can be completely tear off without any pain
Natural and Invisible - Our double eyelid tapes are skin tone and textured design which is invisible nature, flat and thin. The tight-fitting eyelid creates a natural and invisible visual effect to satisfy your amazing makeup
Long Lasting Effect - The eyelid styling cream has a moisturizing cream texture, dries out quickly, is transparent and colorless, naturally invisible without a trace and quickly creates charming double eyelids for a long lasting makeup effect all day long


Double eyelid stickers

Usage method:
1. Clean the eve skin and wipe it clean
2. Close your eyes and find the location of the crease
3. Put double eyelid tape stick above the crease
4. Gently press and adjust with a y-fork

Material: PE

Makeup removal method:
The double eyelid sticker is very sticky. If you pull it directly when
removing makeup, it will easily cause loose eye skin
1. Gently apply it with makeup remover wipes for a few seconds
2. Gently wipe off the double eyelid sticker.

Double eyelid styling cream

Water, propylene glycol, lauryl alcohol polyether-20,
ethyl cellulose, sodium dehydroacetate, refined benzyl ester

Usage method:
1. Close your eyes, avoid the inside of the eye and the end of the
eye, close to 2mm from the root of the eyelashes. When applying,
quickly apply the double eyelid cream lightly and evenly until it
becomes transparent.
2. Wait for a while, about 20 seconds or blow it down with a fan, and
wait for the styling cream to dry and become transparent
3. Use the Y-shaped stick to hold the double eyelid line for 5-10s,
open your eyes to set the shape (For thick eyelids, 2 coats can be applied)

1. Product is for external use only
2. Keep away from children and pets
3. No contact with wounds on the skin
4. Before use, you can perform a skin test first, if any allergies
or discomfort occur, please stop using the product

Package Inclued:
1x Elaimei Double eyelid styling 480 Pcs

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