Aliver Ear Covers for Shower 40 pcs, Waterproof Silicone Ear Patch

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SKU: AliverFB31814

COMFORTABLE AND NOT EASY TO FALL- When the baby is in the shower, ordinary ear muffs are easy to fall off. Our ear patch can be stuck on the baby's ear, which is not easy to fall off, comfortable and breathable. Prevents constant friction between the heel and the new shoe, relieves discomfort, and avoids blisters.
INVISIBLE-The transparent PU film attached to the heel is not easy to be found, and in the workplace will not make people embarrassed.
SAFETY - The ear sticker is made of soft, breathable, safe, and environment-friendly PU film, without allergy.
MULTIPLE USES - Protect your child's ears from water, prevent water contact with the wound, waterproof care after ear puncture, stick on the heel of the shoe where the foot is rubbed.It sticks together easily when used for the first time, requiring patience.


Tear off the protective layer, stick it on the ear, then fold any excess sticker behind the ear, smooth the sticky side with your hand to ensure the ear protector sticks and seals completely around the ear.

After use, please peel off gently and carefully to avoid pulling the skin.

Package Inclued:
1* Aliver Ear Covers for Shower 40 pcs


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