Acrylic Nail Powder, Monomer Pink White Clear Nail Powder 120g

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【ACRYLIC COLOR POWDER】Aliver 120g acrylic powder is now available in clear, pink, white color; Acrylic powder system can enhance natural nails and help to create a protective layer, promote longer and stronger nails, suitable for both starter and professionals.
【APPLICATION & LONG LASTING】Acrylic nail powder is wonderful to do french nails, acrylic nails, carved flowers, nail extensions, nail decorations. It will not scratch, chip, break or peel off easily and can last for more than 4 WEEKS with proper application.
【EASY TO USE】No Nail Lamp Needed and dry fast. Aliver color acrylic powder nail system does not need to cure, which can avoid damaging skin. No special nail art skill is required, don't have to worry about that you are unable to apply the powder to your nails successfully.
【HIGHT QUALITY & SAFE】Aliver acrylic powder is made of natural ingredient, which is non-toxic, healthy, cruelty-free and environment-friendly. Its smooth self leveling finish can ensure color clarity and prevent yellowing or dulling. Doesn't contain any MMA or harsh chemicals.


Acrylic powder can be used together with acrylic liquid monomers to make french nails, acrylic nails, sculptured flowers, nail extensions and nail decorations. You can mix different colors to create your own style with this multi-color set.


Aliver color acrylic powder system is of high quality and made of special formula with an advanced non-yellowing formula to prevent discoloration.


1.Polish the nail surface with polishing files.

2.Soak the nails with nail remover wraps for about 5-10 minutes. (Or apply nail polish remover on cotton and apply on nails.)

3.Remove the nail polish with a cuticle pusher.

4.Clean the nail surface with a nail brush.

5.Wash your hands with soap and water.

Q: It takes to a long time to dry?

A: It dries within 5-8 mins at 24-26℃, enough slowly to allow for corrections.

Q: Do I need a nail lamp to cure it?

A: This Acrylic Nail Powder can be cured without a nail lamp, save your time and avoid turning skin black and damaging nails.

Q: It Can carve nails and design beautiful sticky diamonds

A: Yes. Aliver Acrylic Powder is a bubble-free polymer offering extraordinary clarity with a smooth self-leveling finish. It can be used as a base or an overlay. Suitable for Nail Extension and Adhesive Rhinestone

Package include:
1* Acrylic Nail Powder 120g-4fl.oz Pink/White/Clear

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