Acrylic Nail Brush for Beginners

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【100% Kolinsky】 - bristles are softer and smoother, and are more flexible than other acrylic nail brush?
【Widely Used】 - Mggsug nail brushes can be used to acrylic application acrylic powder, nail extension, and nail carved. etc.

【Standard Bristles Length 】- We strictly adopt the international standard bristles length requirements, thus our bristles are longer than most on the market. Longer bristles, dip more powder.
【Alloy Material 】- not easy to rust, not easy to deform, is more durable. A separate straight tube helps to prevent sables from forking.
【Fashion Design 】- Our nail tools adopt the most popular sequin design, streamlined pen holder, make it the best choice for your famale friend

1. FIRST USE: Soak the acrylic brush in hot water (above 176 °F) for one minute to wash off the sealing wax from the surface of the acrylic brush, then wipe back and forth on a paper towel to completely remove the wax layer.
2. Make sure that hot water is only used to soak the brush bristles, please prevent it from touching the connection between the metal tube and brush body.

1. Dip the acrylic brush lightly in the acrylic liquid, then tab an appropriate amount of acrylic powder.
(It should form a small bead that looks like the consistency of a gel. )
2. Then apply it to your nail's surface evenly, and wait it dry.
TIPS: When creating acrylic nails, the operation time is controlled in 10-20s, otherwise, the powder will solidify on the acrylic brush leading to clumping.

1. After each use, clean the acrylic brush with acrylic liquid immediately.
Pro Tip: (Do not be too harsh or aggressive, you want to avoid fraying or damaging the acrylic brush. )
2. Then remove your brush from the liquid and once again, leave the brush to air dry on the towel.

1. Wrap the acrylic brush in the Saviland acrylic brush conditioner for a while
2. And then blot it slightly dry with a cotton pad.
TIPS: The higher the dryness degree, the longer the wrap.


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