Did you know that adding ginger essential oil to your products can make a huge improvement in your hair, skin and wellbeing in general? That is because this warm, spicy oil can be used as a nourishing, stimulating beauty oil, as well as for improving multiple health concerns.

We at ALIVER know how important it is to have reliable natural products to help you with your everyday challenges. That is why we made sure to include a high-quality ALIVER Ginger Essential Oil in our offer.

Here are 4 reasons we think you will love it as much as we do:

1. Ginger Essential Oil Is a Rejuvenating and Healing Oil

Ginger essential oil is packed with antioxidants – substances that fight free radicals, reduce oxidative damage and prevent certain types of cell damage. This is a great advantage, considering we are constantly surrounded with things that cause the formation of free radicals, such as UV rays and pollution. Ginger oil is also a natural antiseptic that helps heal infections and can help aid respiratory issues.

2. It Has Several Skincare Benefits

Other than its antioxidant effect which can be used to prevent premature skin aging and formation of first wrinkles and fine lines, ginger oil is also anti-inflammatory and soothing. It is said to be able to even out the skin tone and improve its firmness and elasticity. Ginger essential oil is purifying and repairing, which is why it is often recommended for clearing acne and preventing new breakouts.

3. A Great Addition to Your Massage Oil

Not only does ginger oil stimulate blood flow, relieve fatigue and muscle soreness, it also has a ton of aromatherapy benefits. Its warm, spicy scent reduces stress, exhaustion, depression and anxiety, improves stamina and concentration, soothes nausea and headaches and it can even encourage motivation and the feelings of self-confidence and ease.

4. It Is One of the Best Natural Hair Oils

Ginger essential oil stimulates the scalp, nourishes hair follicles, repairs damage, prevents hair loss and encourages new hair to grow thicker, fuller and healthier. If you are looking for a product to add volume, moisture and shine to your hair, this oil might be just what you need. You can add pure ginger oil to your shampoo to get all its wonderful hair benefits, or try out ALIVER Ginger Hair Growth Oil, specifically formulated to improve hair health and growth.

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