Lips have been the central focus to makeup looks across social media for years now. Whether it’s West coast fuller lip style or East coast flushed lip look, there’s a lip trend on both sides of the world that can be easily achieved with a little bit of make-up. Not only is it about using a good product to achieve the desired look you’re after, but its application is just as important. Here are a few of our favourite products to help you achieve the perfect lip look.

The first step to any lip look is making sure you have a well prepped base. Just as you apply moisturizer and primer to the face for foundation etc, the lips need just as much care. To get your lips looking perfect, start off with a lip mask. Take your pick from our lip sleeping masks, meaning you’ll wake up with gorgeous lips, or opt for a collagen mask, which can be applied on whilst you’re getting ready. Making sure your lips are well hydrated will ensure the lip product applies well and that your lips don’t become chapped over time.

If you’re after a fuller and poutier look, ALIVER Lip Plumper products are a great choice. Containing ingredients to stimulate blood flow to your lips, you can create the perfect canvas for your lip liner and lipstick as your lips look fuller within minutes. Prefer a glossy look? We also have a plumping product in lip gloss form, allowing you to achieve an enhanced look.

Creating the perfect pout is also about getting the right lip shade for your complexion as well as having it last long. The last thing you want is to reapply lipstick throughout the day. You want to achieve an effortless look that requires little to no upkeep. One great product choice for this are lip tints. Allowing you to control product placement and intensity whilst having a long-lasting result, lip tints are perfect for the job. If you’re after a fuller look, apply an intense layer of tint all over the lips. Follow with our gloss to really emphasis the look.


If you prefer a natural or more flushed look, gently apply a small amount of lip tint within the centre of your lips. Carefully fan out the colour until it fades effortlessly as it reaches your natural lip line.


The last tip and most important point for any lip look is to remove any dead skin. Using ALVER lip scrubs to gently remove any dead skin on our lips, doing this step will prevent your lips from looking chapped and flaky as you apply product. You don’t want to over exfoliate as it can make your lips sore and irritated if you apply products straight after. Gently use your finger to softly exfoliate with the scrub and remove any excess with a cloth. Follow with your favourite lip balm and you’re ready to go!


There you have our tips and tricks to create the perfect pout. Get ready to feel confident and show off your elevated lip looks.



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