Trying to perfect those ‘glazed donut nails’ sported by the ever-stylish Hailey Bieber? The iconic look that has been trending on TikTok for weeks has a deceptively simple application process. But the products you use and the prep you follow can make all the difference.

Excited to learn the little tricks that can make or break the look? Here’s an easy-peasy guide with just the right products to achieve those deliciously glazed donut nails!

1. Clean, Trim, and Prep the Nails

Start by cleaning your nails using the ALIVER Nail Polish Remover. Remove any residual nail color, trim the nails, and file them to achieve your desired shape.

Prepping the nails also helps the polish last longer, so don’t skip this step. The ALIVER Cuticle Oil Nail Repair is our little secret to achieving salon-like grooming from the comfort of your home.

You can also remove cuticles or push them in so they don’t spoil the look. A good set with a cuticle remover, pusher, and nipper should do the trick.

We also love the ALIVER Nail Polish Remover Professional Kit. It comes with a nail polish remover, cuticle peeler and scraper, cuticle pusher, and nail sanding files. Get it along with the Cuticle Oil and you will have your bases covered for the first step.

2. Apply a Base Coat

Next comes the base coat. It helps protect the nails from staining due to the color of the polish while also ensuring the manicure lasts longer than normal.

A base coat is a tricky part for many home manicurists since most products also require you to cure the polish under an LED/UV lamp.

Worry not! We’ve got a secret weapon just for you.

It’s the ALIVER Base Coat Top Coat Set. This set is perfect for those recreating the look at home. It is made using natural ingredients and of course, it’s quick drying too!

To get the base coat right, make sure to apply it in a thin layer.

3. Follow It Up With A Polish in Your Favorite Color

Here comes the exciting part — adding color to your nails.

We suggest you choose a color that’s nude, pale, or white to get the creamy-sheer glazed look like those trending on TikTok.

But if you like to give new trends your spin-offs, then we suggest looking at some of these nail polish sets.

Start by applying a thin layer of the polish and add a shimmery layer on top in the same color. Keep both layers thin. Make sure the polish is evenly distributed.

You can check out shimmery nail polish options for the second coat at the ALIVER Nail Shop.

4. Seal Your Shine!

The final step involves using a top coat that will not only lock the shine but also help the manicure last longer. A chip-resistant top coat is best for this purpose.

The ALIVER Base Coat Top Coat Set has a long-wearing, chip-resistant finish that we think is perfect for the job. You can also mix it with the shimmery polish you used in the previous step for added pizzaz. This should enhance the shine while also protecting the manicure and helping it remain chip-free for a long time.

Tada! This is how you can nail those gorgeous Hailey Bieber nails.

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