Long, strong, healthy nails are every woman’s dream, but unfortunately, the dream isn’t as easy to achieve as you might think. As little as they may seem, nails also require routine maintenance, styling, and grooming for strengthening.

If you are struggling with dull, dry, and brittle nails, worry not; here we tell you exactly how you can take care of your nails to attain strong and healthy nails.


Apply moisturizer(cream) on your nails and the skin around them daily to keep them moist and healthy. You can either rub the moisturizing lotion on your nails or soak them in oils, wipe excess oil then apply a moisturizing cream. For infected, damaged, and dull nails, we recommend ALIVER Nail Repair Cream for daily use. The cream is made with natural and eco-friendly ingredients, which act as a moisturizer and a nail strengthener. 

Another way to moisturize is by drinking enough water daily, which is essential for your body and your nails. Dehydration causes your nails to become weak, leading to breakage. Water enables nails to retain moisture, thus making them strong.

Biotin supplements

Studies have shown that taking Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, can strengthen hair and nails. Vitamin B7 is naturally found in nuts, grains, sardines, and eggs. You can also consume Biotin daily as a supplement to improve your nails’ firmness, hardness, and thickness. Before you start taking Biotin, consult with your healthcare provider.

Use non-toxic nail polish and remover

Some nail polishes contain harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, making nails weak and brittle. ALIVER has a collection of non-toxic and eco-friendly gel polish that is safe to use and made explicitly for your nails.

Nail polish remover that contains a high amount of acetone can dehydrate your nails and cuticles, causing them to dry and break easily. Try to avoid these removers and instead check

ALIVER Nail Polish Remover collection which has been infused with natural ingredients that do not dry out the skin.

Reduce water exposure 

According to dermatologists, exposing your nails to water for an extended period will eventually damage your nails. Nails absorb water more than the skin; therefore, too much water exposure strains your nails, making them weak and susceptible to peeling and breaking.

If you must dip your hand in the water for an extended period, take proper precautions by wearing gloves.

Maintain good nail grooming habits 

Use a softer nail file to gently buff the edges of your nails in one direction to make the edges smooth and even. Filing your nails back and forth could cause tension and weaken your nails. Take a look at ALIVER Nail File Set which come in various grit numbers to meet your different filing needs.

Use basetop and topcoat

If you have brittle nails, use a base coat and a topcoat after gel application. A top coat will make your nails look healthy and gorgeous while offering a thin layer of protection, while a base top can strengthen, nourish and repair your nails. For the best gel coats, you can shop ALIVER Nail Collection online.

Last Take

Even though nails are often overlooked, they need proper maintenance to be healthy and strong. Above, we have provided tips and hacks, plus products that you can use to strengthen your nails and help them grow longer and faster.

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