The eyes are the most expressive part of your face and accentuating them with makeup to get the most out of your eye shape and color can practically be considered a necessity. However, if the skin around your eyes is making you look older and more tired than you actually are, everything else is pointless.

Taking good care of the skin underneath your eyes should be an essential part of your skincare routine. Under-eye skin is delicate and more fragile than any other part of your face. It easily gets dry and damaged, and it tends to show aging signs faster than any other skin.

Luckily, you only need a little bit of additional nourishment and a couple of well-chosen ingredients to keep the skin underneath your eyes healthy, youthful and radiant…

1. Be gentle

First things first – you need to be very gentle when applying products to your under-eye skin. Any rubbing or pulling can easily result in permanent damage. The best you can do is apply a pea-sized amount with your ring finger and tap it on your skin starting at the inner corner and following the semi-circle pattern.

2. Use brightening products

You can combat dark, tired and puffy look by using products meant to thoroughly hydrate, smooth and add luminance to the area. What you need is a quality eye serum. ALIVER Eye Serum Cream contains brightening vitamin C or niacinamide, humectants such as hyaluronic acid, as well as age-defying and soothing ingredients.

3. Retinol to the rescue!

Retinol is one of the few magical ingredients that can make a true, visible change in your skin, reduce crow’s feet, increase collagen production and maintain the skin firm, smooth and youthful. ALIVER Retinol Cream will soon become one of your favorite products, as it can not only prevent future damage, but also reduce already existing.

4. Ice to reduce puffiness

For those mornings when you wake up and you look like you haven’t slept at all, applying ice under your eyes can quickly lessen the inflammation and swelling, reduce the bags and puffiness and give you a more awake look.

5. Under-eye masks and patches

Whenever you are using a face mask, make sure to apply under-eye patches that will provide targeted nourishment for your specific under-eye skin concerns. You can use ALIVER Hydrogel Eye Mask replenishing antioxidant patches to recover your skin from all the stress and pollution, ALIVER Collagen Under-Eye Patch- stimulating ones to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, or even ALIVER Gold Patches, for a truly luxurious experience.

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