Aliver Instant Face Lifting Tape, Effective and Painless Way to Fight Wrinkles

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[Face-Lifting] -- The face lift stickers have excellent face-lifting effects, which can instantly lift the sagging skin around the face, effectively lift and tighten the face, make the chin and face thinner with a confident and beautiful luster.
[Breathable & Skin-Friendly] -- Our face lifting tapes are made of high-quality materials, which are natural and safe, gentle and non-irritating, breathable and waterproof, making the skin look firmer and more moisturized, suitable for all kinds of skin. Keep makeup for 8 hours without burden on the skin.
[Invisible Lifting Tape] -- This transparent lifting tape is an ultra-thin single-sided film, natural, waterproof, soft, completely invisible after makeup, no traces on the face at all, and the face-lifting effect is obvious.
[Easy Operation] -- Please make sure that there is no cosmetics or oil on your face before use. Just stick one end of the tape to our facial skin, then pull the skin back 3 to 4 inches and push it down, and the result will take effect immediately.
[Applicable Occasions] -- The face lift sticker can be used for weddings, work, parties, styling, taking pictures, etc. It is easy to use, easy to carry, and the face-lifting effect can last all day, making your whole person look more charming and temperamental.

 How to Use:

1.Do this before you makeup on or on an area that' s clean.
2.Top bit of hair, grooming the finishing hair where will tape the plastic pieces.
3. Take 2 secure tape, and set them through the ring, don't remove the adhesive backing before step 4.
4. Insert the metal barb of the elastic band A(with knots) in the top hole from the adhesive side of the tape, take another elastic band B(with hook), and insert it into another tape.
5. Peel this tape and place it down at expected area, press about 30s to make sure the tape adhere properly.
6. Pull the secure band from both side, and get lifted, slot the hook into one of the knots, loop this throught whichever loop depending on how tight you want it at the back.

Package Inclued:
1x Aliver Instant Face Lifting Tape 60 Pcs

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