Aliver Sea Salt Shampoo for Scalp Itchy Scalp and Dandruff Scalp Clean Moistrurizing Shampoo

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Anti Dandruff Shampoo: Mild sea salt formula - It uses a mild formula to effectively reduce oil head, cleanse the hair, for healthy hair growth and itchy scalp relief.

Sea salt shampoo: Innovative natural sea salt active ingredients to be added to the scalp skin lost salt and nutrition, to fight hair and scalp dryness, dandruff. Keep your hair comfortable.

Deeply Hydrates Scalp And Hair: Get the silky, shiny, and healthy hair you've always wanted. Gently and Completely Removes Build-up from Hair. Deeply hydrates nourish, and cleanses your scalp, help restore scalp health, freshness.

Natural Ingredients: Penetrate deep within pores to eliminate dryness, to prevent and soothe dry scalp flaking itching. Suitable for all hair types from dry, to itchy, to oily scalp.


Hair Type: fit for Dry, Oily, and Combination

Net content: 240ml

Package Included:

1* Sea Salt Shampoo

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